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We can supply and deliver any quantity of logs from a net of logs for your garden chiminya or a truck load of logs to heat your house.  All our logs are supplied seasoned unless otherwise requested.


We can also provide specialist wood for wood turning and carving or for decorative garden features.  If you have to remove a favourite tree from your garden you could always look into turning it into a feature by having the trunk carved or planking the timber to make something new.   Please speak to us with your ideas or specifications.


Firewood and Woodchip Price List


Large bags of logs £75

Barrow Bag of logs £30

approximately 1/3 of a large bag

Deposit required on bag

1/2 Truck load of logs £250

approximately 5 large bags 

Whole Truck load of logs £500

approximately 10 large bags

Small bag of Kindling £4.00

Kindling Box £35

approximately 10 bags

Large bag of wood chip £30

Full truck load of wood chip £75

If you have your own lengths of wood that need to be converted into logs we can bring our logging machine to convert it for you.  Please contact us with your specifications.

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